Monday, May 9, 2011

Senior Project

Reflect on your senior project. What was it?  What was the experience like preparing for it?  How did it turn out? Add any other details of interest.  Due Friday, May 13th.
         Since my focus is Music my senior project had to be related to music. So i decided to it on mariachi music, obviously. Preparing for my project was a great experience as i had to teach others certain stuff that i never had to show before and it allowed me experience how it would be to instruct or teach mariachi or music in general. My project turned out great! It was a great success and had almost 500 people attend. I couldn't of done it without the help of all the parents of all the students in the mariachi and as well as my mentor who was my dad, which gave me a different perspective and view on him since i'm used to him being a dad i had to look at him as mentor.

Friday, April 29, 2011

show and tell

The Guitarron has a shorter neck but larger body than the Guitarra de Golpe or the Vihuela. The Guitarron's sound resonates like a deep body bass guitar. The Mexican Guitarron has 6-stringsThe Standard Guitarron is handmade with solid Cedar wood backs and sides along with a top made entirely of Tacote wood, the typical wood used by luthiers to make Guitarrons and Vihuelas. The Guitarron was also created to replace the harp is the harp was not sufficient in producing the deep sound and rythm that a Guitarron produces. The Guitarron is tuned a-d-g-c-e-a. There are a variety of different colored strings that may be purchased for them. The Guitarron is also considered the most important instrument in the Mariachi today.

Monday, March 21, 2011


As we all know spring break is around the corner!!!! We only have 5 more days of school! I will hopefuly be going out of state to california to visit family and to get out of Idaho. We will probably go to Universal Studios again and for the first time Six Flags. The great thing about california is that they have mariachi's everywhere so it won't be hard to find some playing at a restaurant or on the street. My favorite place to go is this mexican restaurant in this plaza where they always have around 3 mariachi's  performing. I especially enjoy eating and having live music as i never get to experience that here in Idaho. I'm excited for spring break so this week needs to go by very fast!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cool Pictures

 This girl looks like Rina the girl that sits right behind me in English class and we are now offically FaceBook Friends c(:
 This lady looks like she has some freakn turbo jets on her head ! haah
and this girl has BALLS!..... hahaha

Mariachi Cont...

The past few weeks we have been a little busy not as much as the summer time. We recently had to perform for MLK Day and it was really fun. We didn't play for a long time maybe 20 minutes total performing for that event. But it was voluntary and worth the cause. We were also featured on many of the local news channels which was nice to see. We are also having intense practices as we have our second annual event coming up on March 11 2011. We are also busy getting the final things for our new suits as well such as the hair bows for the girls and ordering our new boots that we really need. We are also preparing to bring Laura Sobrino after our concert. Laura Sobrino is a great musician and has played with the worlds best Mariachi groups. She has played with Mariachi Vargas. I am also having to teach the new students that we have joining the group. This is difficult as many have never had previous experience. Many of them are at different levels so i find it difficult to find what to study during our practice. Most of the time i put each individual student to work on the song they need to most help on and i move from one to the other helping, if they have any questions.
We also recently performed at our church. We had to learn three new songs for this Mass, and we had to learn them an hour before we actually had to perform. We never did this before so we had to focus 110%. We were able to accomplish this at the last minute. The good thing about performing in church is that we get to use sheet music. This is common for all mariachi's as the mass can contain lengthy songs that would not be worth memorizing if you don't perform at churches often. At church performances you also have to pay attention to the father as he will give the Mariachi signs of when to start a song and if you aren't paying attention then he will continue without you and at the end of the Mass he will come to us and tell us how we messed up which is not a good thing because the father will then find another mariachi that can get the job done. It is an honor to have the approval of the father to perform for mass especially on big celebratory masses such as the mass for lent or guadalupe.
I have a video of us performing at the event. The above picture is of our current group. We also have other students who are learning so they can start performing with us and get the new suits as well.

This video was from the MLK Event :]

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Panda Express

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i just love panda i love panda express mmmmmmmm yummmy for my tummmmy and guess what!? today is the day the day that panda express is giving away FREE!!!! yes i said FREE firecracker . firework chicken breast and guess what!? its only a single serving and no purchase necessary!!!
So guess what!? today i am heading to panda expres

And guess what there is a new panda express opening right by our school and my house

and guess what!? we are going on opening night!!!!!!!!!!!!!